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DISHNET, the Best Deal on Dish Network Internet Service

DishNet is the satellite Internet service offered by the satellite TV provider DISH. The company has long been a major contender in the satellite TV market, and in 2006 decided to diversify and add satellite Internet to its lineup of services to better meet the needs of its rural customers.

Partners Make Up Dishnet Offerings

Unlike many providers Dishnet uses the technology of a variety of satellites: DISH, Echostar and ViaSat. By partnering with the biggest names in the Satellite Internet industry, Dishnet can offer consumers service in more areas and in speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps. It even offers dishNet wireline – a fixed line Internet service like CenturyLink’s DSL offering – available in about 14 states where Qwest used to operate.

Originally, DISH used WildBlue Communications technology allowing it to deliver speeds as high as 1.5 megabits per second. In 2006, this was a big improvement over dialup. However, there was a daily download cap of 400 megabytes and significant latency was the norm.

When WildBlue was bought out by ViaSat in 2010, service improved significantly. When its new and improved satellite was launched in 2011, service improved once again.

Dishnet also partnered with Echostar aka HughesNet. It is the cutting edge satellite in existence today. The newest technology enables speeds of up to 10 to 15 Mbps for downloads.

It’s All About the Package Deals with DishNet

Package deals that bundle your TV service and satellite Internet service into one convenient bill are pretty standard in the industry. Many of the satellite Internet providers offering Internet connectivity are also offering TV service, phone service, even cell phone or security services. When it comes to Dishnet, satellite Internet is packaged with Dish satellite TV service. The very best deal possible when it comes to Dishnet is when it is bundled with its parent TV service. You save $10 per month on service, are eligible for free installation and more. In addition, streamlined billing and customer service makes your life easier.

DishNet: A New Satellite Internet Option

DishNet is an exciting addition to the satellite Internet market. It brings a service that avails of the best satellites out there so that customers who choose it and Dish TV get a great deal and quality service.

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