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Compare DishNET: Dish Network Internet vs. the Top Satellite Internet Providers

Dishnet, HughesNet and Exede are easily the three biggest names in the satellite Internet industry. If you are in the market for satellite Internet, it is important to take the time to carefully compare them. Look beyond mere differences in prices and make sure that the data offered, the extra perks, surcharges and more are all clearly understood.

Partners Make Up Dishnet Offerings

DishNet uses all the best satellites available today in order to deliver its services. With DISHnet service, you get: - Up to 10 Mbps in speed and 20 GB in data. - No Voice over Internet Protocol service - Free installation when bundled with TV service, $99 otherwise - $10 monthly savings when services are bundled

HughesNet is the established choice when it comes to satellite Internet service. It offers service: - Available everywhere in the nation, as long as there is a view of the southern sky. - That is the fastest available, with speeds of up to 15 Mbps. - That gets you connected to the Internet with speed, for as little as $39.99 per month, the lowest price available in the industry. - From the company with the longest history in the satellite industry. It was first to bring satellite Internet to the service to the United States and is still the largest and most cutting edge company in the industry. - With free installation every time.

Compare DishNET: Dish Network Internet vs. the Top Satellite Internet Providers

Exede is the company that offers an unlimited option in data. Service from Exede means: - The same speed – 12 Mbps – regardless of the plan size you choose for your satellite Internet. - Free, unlimited downloads, nightly from midnight to 5am, for heavy users. - #1 rating for dependably exceeding promised speeds. - Free installation offers on a regular basis.

While DishNet is a respectable option for those who have or are getting Dish satellite TV service, there are clearly other options that better fit other individuals, based on their needs. Evaluate your needs and the pros and cons of each before making your choice.

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