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DISHNET Satellite Internet: Dish Network Internet Service

Dishnet is amongst a variety of satellite Internet providers bringing high speed Internet to areas underserved by the big name telephone and cable Internet providers in this country. Customers who seek out satellite Internet are typically rural residents who have been left behind when it comes to Internet access. They are looking for a faster, more reliable connection to the web than dialup can provide.

Partners Make Up Dishnet Offerings

Satellite Internet has evolved since its beginnings two decades ago. No longer a one-way, unreliable service, today’s satellite Internet surpasses DSL speeds in many areas, and is a two-way service that is responsive enough for most Internet usage. With it, you can enjoy:

- Surfing the web in real time - Using social media - Online shopping - Downloading software and files in seconds instead of hours - Sharing photos effortlessly - Streaming media

Dish Network Internet Service in Your Area

Dishnet and other satellite Internet service providers bring you high speed Internet service that outpaces anything available in most rural parts of the country. That means that rural residents can keep up with the world online. When you are online, signals from your computer travel roughly 23,000 miles away to a satellite orbiting the earth, the message is then transmitted back the same distance to your computer. All this happens in the blink of an eye, so that you can barely detect a delay. In fact, the only time a delay can be detected is if you play fast twitch games.DISHNET Satellite Internet: Dish Network Internet Service & Packages

DishNet, A New Rural Internet Option

As recently as 2012, the Federal Communications Commission uncovered the fact that 14.5 million Americans in rural areas were still without high speed Internet access. Satellite Internet providers are the best solution to high speed Internet needs in areas of the country that do not have access to lined Internet. Dishnet and its competitors are leveling the playing field so that no matter where you choose to live, you still have access to the World Wide Web the way you need to today.

Dish Network Internet: Packages and Bundles

High speed Internet from satellite Internet service is the new norm for rural residents throughout the United States.

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